Flamenco transcriptions (score & tab)

On this page you can purchase a selection of transcriptions of flamenco pieces which have been made with great care and accuracy. The sheet music include notes, tabs, fingerings and chord diagrams. These scores are also available on this YouTube-channel where the music is played back at a lower tempo with a metronome for the purpose of practicing. Furthermore some information about each piece’s characteristics and some tips on how to study it can be found at the description part on the product page of each sheet music.

Accurate transcriptions

When you want to learn a flamenco piece from tabs or score it is very important that the transcription is accurate, and that the correct fingering is included. Otherwise you could be trying to play something that is not natural. Many existing transcriptions are not very accurate which makes it difficult for a student to learn to play the piece from the score. Most accurate transcriptions are the ones that have been made in collaboration with the artist himself or done by an experienced guitar player who is able to play the pieces himself.

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Available sheet music

Below you find a list of the transcriptions produced so far.
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