Sheet music “Roma” – Vicente Amigo


A pdf-file with an accurate transcription of the guitar part including notes, tabs, chord diagrams and fingerings of the left and right hand.

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This beautiful piece by Vicente Amigo is from his album “Tierra”(2013). It consists of a guitar arpeggio pattern throughout the whole piece which is performed -by slight variations- on different chords. This pattern is used in many modern flamenco pieces like Zyryab (Paco de Lucía). The “trick” in this pattern is that it divides the 12 existing eighth notes in 2 bars of 3/4,  into 2 identical groups of 5  (plus 2 more eighth notes). This results in the syncopation of the bass of every second bar (you can watch this at the beginning of the YouTube video below). First practice this main pattern on an easy chord to get acquainted with the swing of its rhythm. Then learn the chords and apply the pattern to them focusing on the little changes in the pattern.

Furthermore you can watch this score played back on this YouTube-link in a slow version for practicing:


Additional information

1=Easy | Rhythmical difficulty | 12=very hard


1=Easy | Left hand technique | 12=very hard


1=Easy | Right hand technique | 12=very hard



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