Sheet music “Morente” – Vicente Amigo


A pdf-file containing 6 pages with an accurate transcription of the Granaínas “Morente” including sheet music (notation), tabs, chord diagrams and fingerings of the left and right hand.

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ABOUT “Morente”

Morente is a beautiful Granaínas composed by Vicente Amigo in his earlier work and already showing his imagination to find new ways of composing.

Traditionally a Granaínas is in the key of E minor (or B phrygian). Surprisingly Vicente Amigo starts this piece in the key of G# minor (or D# phrygian) while emphasising in his phrases the e-note which is the “b9” in this key but will become the root note after he modulates to the traditional key which he does after a few bars. Then he continues with beautiful phrases, mostly arpeggio and picado combinations  and a wonderful tremolo.

Granaína is a free form which means there is no compás to follow while there is still a hidden idea of rhythm. This makes a transcription hard to write if one wants tho keep this internal rhythm in the notation. This transcription has been made with great care to this aspect resulting in the musical phrases being grouped logically and following the “hidden rhythm” instead of a sequence of many notes as can be seen in other transcriptions. Also all the fingerings have been carefully added as close as possible to the original.


Furthermore you can watch this score played back on this YouTube-link at 80% of speed for practicing:

Additional information

1=Easy | Rhythmical difficulty | 12=very hard


1=Easy | Left hand technique | 12=very hard


1=Easy | Right hand technique | 12=very hard



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