Sheet music “Idílico” – Vicente Amigo


A pdf-file with an accurate transcription of the guitar part including sheet music (notation), tablature (tabs), chord diagrams and fingerings of the left and right hand.

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This piece by Vicente Amigo is from his Album “Tierra” (2013). It can’t really be categorized into a flamenco form but the slow 4/4 rhythm and the virtuosic timing of the melodies in that slow measure does resemble a “tiento” and that must have been the basis idea, even though the harmonies used are far from traditional flamenco standards.

The structure of the piece is as follows: intro – A – A – B – A – A – ending

The A part of the piece is based in the key of B-minor but also moves to its parallel keys: D-major and F#-Phrygian. The B part modulates a few times back and forth from B-minor to B-major.

Vicente Amigo’s use of embellishments when playing melodies are very delicate and refined. The use of unorthodox fingering of the left (and right) hand when playing embellishments are particularly interesting. These fingerings can be found in this pdf-file and need practice to get used to.

Furthermore you can watch this score played back on this YouTube-link in a slow version for practicing:


Additional information

1=Easy | Rhythmical difficulty | 12=very hard


1=Easy | Left hand technique | 12=very hard


1=Easy | Right hand technique | 12=very hard



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