Sheet music “Moonlight Sonata – 1st movement” – Beethoven


Arrangement for guitar (accompany part), a solo instrument (melody part) and bass. This way the full score contains all notes from the original piano composition.

  • 5 pdf-files containing:
  1. Complete score
  2. Guitar part (notes and tabs)
  3. Guitar part (tabs only)
  4. Solo part (for any solo instrument)
  5. Bass part
  • XML-file (this file will be sent later by mail – automatic download is not allowed for security reasons)

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1st movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata arranged for guitar and a solo instrument (and optionally a bass). Arrangement: Kambiz Afshari

This arrangement has been done in a way so that all original notes composed for the piano are there. In existing arrangements for solo guitar obviously many notes have had to be omitted so that it is playable for guitar. This arrangement can be interesting if you want to play this beautiful piece with a guitar together with another solo instrument and optionally a bass as well.


The score is also available on YouTube:


A video of the performance of this piece with guitar and bouzouki can be found here:


Additional information

1=Easy | Rhythmical difficulty | 12=very hard


1=Easy | Left hand technique | 12=very hard


1=Easy | Right hand technique | 12=very hard



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