Sheet music Cancion (Peteneras) – Paco Peña


A pdf-file containing 3 pages with an accurate transcription of the piece Canción (Peteneras) by Paco Peña. The pdf-file contains sheet music (notation), tablature (tabs) and fingerings of the left and right hand.

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This is an accurate transcription (score and tabs) of the Peteneras in E minor called Canción played by Paco Peña on the album Azahara.

This piece is a beautiful Peteneras in the less usual key of E minor which is suitable for beginner to intermediate level.

Tips on how to approach the piece:

If you listen to the original recording you will notice that it is played with a rubato feel and the rhythm sounds elastic. If you are not familiar with the compás of a Petenera it is best to first try to play the piece with a steady pulse in order to get acquainted with how the meter switches between a 6/8 and 3/4 all the time (the compás of a Petenera). Once you are familiar with that you can try to put elasticity into the rhythm as Paco Peña does. One way of achieving this is by speeding up at the beginning of a new phrase and then compensating that time by slowing down at the end of the phrase.

Furthermore you can watch this score played back on this YouTube-link :


Additional information

1=Easy | Rhythmical difficulty | 12=very hard


1=Easy | Left hand technique | 12=very hard


1=Easy | Right hand technique | 12=very hard



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